Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Human Resources Consultant

During the course of 15 years working with multinational companies in different areas, the common denominator is: human relations. This experience has given me insight into the characteristics of businesses, and their employee and manager profiles.

By taking part in innovation and talent management projects, and receiving business strategy training, I've gained an overall vision of companies.

Thanks to all this I've been able to focus on developing employee potential, increasing employee motivation and the value they bring to the company.

As recruitment, project development and training supervisor, my experience has focused on:

  • HR Consulting: medium and long term HR strategic planning, talent management, career planning, performance evaluation, and selection skills
  • People Development: coaching managers / middle managers and creating individual development plans
  • Skills training: management and sales skills, skills development, etc..


  • Executive Certificate in Business Management, Finance and Business Model Strategy (EDHEC School of Business- Lille, France)
  • Clinical Psychology (University of Barcelona)
  • Master in Psychodiagnosis (Ramon Llull University)
  • MA in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (University Ramon Llull)
  • Master in Analytical Group Therapy (University of Deusto)

Collaboration with:

  • Sallésgrup Consultancy: Group training programs in leadership and crisis intervention
  • Criteria: development of HR projects
  • University Colleges: training for teachers and other departments
  • Insurance Companies

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