Workshop: How to deal with emotions in times of uncertainty

From confinement, the reality of working from home is much more like a race of psychological obstacles than a forced vacation: dealing with uncertainty, fear of the consequences of confinement, wage constraints, attending to housework, self and family care ... and continuing with your work as if nothing had happened.

The current situation forces us to simultaniously exercise the role of employee, father / mother, son, cook, school teacher and caregiver... which inevitably affects our mental balance and our performance as an employee.

The workshop How to deal with emotions in times of uncertainty was born with the aim of putting mental order in this chaos, offer techniques to reduce anxiety and lighten the psychological pressure to work with less mental weight..

It is an online but interactive training that allows employees to share how they feel, work on their emotions and acquire psychological tools.

Workshop Features:

  • Duration: 2.5h online
  • Workshop adapted to the concerns of the participants through a previous questionnaire.
  • Psychological strategies are taught to detect irrational thoughts and adapt them to reality.
  • During the workshop all the participants apply the learned strategies adjusting their own concerns. This decreases anxiety and increases the feeling of control.

More than the 80 employees who have done it highlight that it has helped them to get to know each other better, stop the chain of negative thoughts and act more closely to reality, all of which reinforces their resilience and equips them better to deal with highly uncertain situations

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