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Myths about anxiety

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"I am anxious, when I lay down to sleep I cannot stop mulling over things, my heart beats so fast it seems to jump out of my chest, I am running out of air and am sure will suffer a hard attack ...".

Often, life situations places us out of our comfort zone and confronts us with our own resources. It is common to think that one, with age, has everything under control and that the experience of going through many situations is an antidote to suffering and anxiety.

Anxiety, for its disabling symptoms, is the bad cop, and is often related with the next prejudices:

• Anxiety is the enemy to fight against.


As any painful, disturbing and inexplicable feeling, our first natural reaction is to try to take it off. However, if we take advantage of it and read between the lines, anxiety can be taken as a sign of alarm. It can be a useful source of information that reveals that something is not working properly, that there are situations that break down our balance. It might be the reflect of a pending internal conflict.

• ¡ Sure there is a way of controlling anxiety through my thoughts!

Another extended conviction I hear frequently is the statement "sure there is a way to control anxiety through controlling my thoughts"… as if there were a magic phrase, a mental trick (for instance to draw a blank) or a talisman that as a plaster can avoid such discomfort. Unfortunately, the rational control is not always able to fight conflicts of emotional base.


In these cases, the best way to reduce anxiety and prevent future episodes, is to find its origin para así entenderlo, hacer frente a la fuente de conflicto y darle una mejor salida (aceptar lo que ocurre, tomar alguna acción concreta, etc.). Només afrontant el conflicte eliminarem l'ansietat associada.


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